Where You Are

This story, which I wrote back in 2010, was inspired by the song “Where You Are”written by Julius Guevara and Mark Lopez and sung by Hangad Music Ministry (lifted from their album “Pasko Naming Hangad”), and in part by the events that took place in the life of a good friend of mine.




Shivering in cold, Brian tearfully entered the hollow halls of that white stucco house. It has been years since he last saw that house, a house full of childhood memories that was suddenly turned into sorrow, grief, and anger. As he entered the dining room, those dark images of three years ago continue to haunt him. The cold December air felt even colder inside the house. No Christmas lights, no Christmas tree, no one to share the warmth and joy of the Christmas season.


Failing to brave the sorrows, Bryan turned back and went outside for a walk. Tears started to run down his cheeks. Outside, he can see children playing, smiles painted across their faces. Families walking together. Beautiful voices singing carols straining through the night.


Bryan reached the town plaza and sat on one of the benches. He looked up and saw the multitude of stars. However, a certain star shining very brightly caught his attention. It is giving a strong beam of light that seems to be illuminating something. Bryan’s gaze became fixed that he was already oblivious to the surroundings. Until…


“Why don’t you follow that star?” said a voice.


Bryan looked around but so no one. Again he gazed at the star, then heard the same voice.


“Follow it. It will guide you.”


Without further ado, Bryan got up the bench, raced back home, locked the old stucco house, got into his car and drove to the direction of the star. The drive was seemingly endless, but he was determined to see what that star was all about. He drove and drove until…


He reached the home of his best friend Gino. Gino earlier invited Bryan to their home for Noche Buena but he turned it down.


The light of the star was pointing to the Belen at Gino’s yard. As Gino let him in, Bryan went straight to the Belen. The image of the Christ Child at the center seemed to be smiling at him.


With more tears welling up his eyes, he said to himself, “I was lost deep in the night, but Your bright star led me to where You are, to where I am supposed to be. I lost my family, but You led me to a new one.”




Sometimes we are fixated in looking for the superficial things that would most complete us. But as we commemorate the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, let us remember that back then in that first Christmas, the Bright Star led the three Wise Men to where Jesus is. Let us find our own stars of Bethlehem and let the light of Christ’s love lead us to where He is.

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