See you later, Kolmogorov, Fisher, Bayes, and Chebyshev.

This week I have started my postgraduate diploma in Development Studies (which I plan to progress to Masters after a year) at Victoria. This field is totally new to me. After five long but fun years dealing with numbers, theorems, postulates, and formulae, I’m now dealing with praxis, policies, social theories, and the like.

One particular course I’m taking up this term is DEVE511, Development Theory, under Prof. John Overton. As I was leafing through the course outline one thing has struck me: most of the things I’ve talked about during my merry days in the universe of student politics back in the University of the Philippines that I have not gotten formal education about (neoliberalism, neostructuralism, etc.) are to be discussed in this course.

I’ve also noticed that this course is quite an agglomeration of political science, sociology, public administration, management, and policy studies. No formulae, no theorems, not my usual statistical stuff. Yep, I’m putting aside ANOVA, regression, probability, and the like, and focus first on modernization theories, dependency, sustainability, and participation.

I’ve started looking at some of the recommended texts and realized that some of them I’ve already encountered when I was training when I ran for the student council in UP.

Exciting! I’m looking forward to a deeper appreciation with several of these political and social theories, now seen through a development perspective.

So see you later, Kolmogorov, Fisher, Bayes, and Chebyshev.


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