A dream? A vision? A message?

Last night I dreamed that I was presented with, on my right, a very huge mansion, a billion dollars, and sleek Mitsubishi Eclipse I had always wanted; and on my left a small jet but the pilot is not telling me where the jet is headed. I was given one minute to check out the “showcase” on the right then I had to make a decision on what to take.

When I entered the mansion, held the cash, and ran my fingers through the shining metal of the Eclipse, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Thirty seconds into the “viewing” I went out of the mansion, picked up a small backpack that seemingly contained all my belongings, jumped into the jet and headed to nowhere.

The jet brought me to a vast stretch of desert; I thought the plane would land but the pilot just dropped me in the middle of nowhere. I started walking towards the east, and after a few miles, I suddenly saw a mirage of myself, smiling, sporting several medals, and speaking to a huge crowd of people. I ran to reach the mirage, but every time I get nearer, boulders came hurling from the sky blocking my way. I managed to overcome every boulder, regardless of the size.

When I finally reached the mirage, the crowd fell silent. The speaking me stopped his speech and handed over the podium to me. When I went up to the podium, the entire surrounding became a sea of blue and red. The sky became dark, and three stars shone brightly from the night sky together with the sun. I started speaking in a language even I didn’t understand. When I finished, the crowd erupted in a thunderous applause and an eagle came down and perched itself on my arm.

Then I woke up.

Is this just a dream? Or a vision? Or a message?

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