Para un gran amigo y hermano… gracias por todo.

Yo nunca pensé que conocería a alguien como tú. Aunque solo sea por las corto de cinco meses en los que hemos conocido unos a otros, sé que nuestra amistad es realmente para siempre – que voy a realmente aprecio toda la vida.

Gracias, querido hermano por hacerme descubrir que hay un mundo lleno de posibilidades, y estas posibilidades están al alcance. Gracias por abrirme los ojos a un mundo de horizontes ampliados, que no debe limitarse a los límites restringidos de lo que sólo puedo ver.

Gracias por ser un amigo verdadero tú. Gracias por tocar mi vida de la mejor manera posible de usted.

Al regresar a su patria, espero que seguiremos siendo capaces de ponerse en contacto entre sí. A medida que el mundo se hace más pequeño, nuestra amistad con suerte se hará más grande.

No hay despedidas, sólo “hasta pronto”. Y sí, sé que muy pronto vamos a ser capaces de ver entre sí.

(translated version):

I never thought I’d meet someone like you. Even for just the short five months that we’ve known each other, I know that our friendship is really for keeps – one that I’ll truly cherish a lifetime.

Thank you dear brother for making me discover that there is a world full of possibilities, and these possibilities are within reach. Thank you for opening my eyes to a world of broadened horizons, that I should not be confined to the restricted boundaries of what I can only see.

Thank you for being a real friend. Thank you for touching my life in the best way possible.

As you return to your homeland, I hope that we’ll still be able to contact each other. As the world gets smaller, our friendship hopefully will get bigger.

There are no goodbyes, just “see you soon”. And yes, I know that soon enough we’ll be able to see each other.

27 Years. 27 Goals.

Today’s the day that I turn 27. And this is the age where lifetime goals should be clearer. So here are 27 of them:

  1. See Armin van Buuren live.
  2. Go to Europe.
  3. Obtain at least one PhD.
  4. Write a novel or a collection of short stories
  5. See an NBA game live.
  6. See a FIFA World Cup game live.
  7. Learn to drive.
  8. After learning to drive, coast the Nurburgring.
  9. Attend Holy Mass at the St. Peter’s Basilica.
  10. See an opera.
  11. Go on safari.
  12. Visit the assembly line of a car manufacturing plant.
  13. Meet any of the rock legends.
  14. Play a poker game in Vegas.
  15. Attend an opening-of-trade day in Wall Street.
  16. Enjoy the sun in Ibiza and relax at Cafe del Mar.
  17. Own a sportscar.
  18. Attend a conference on human rights.
  19. Become a Philippine diplomat.
  20. Learn at least five more languages. Priorities are Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Italian.
  21. Get a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  22. Visit the Mayan pyramids in Mexico.
  23. Go on a Caribbean cruise.
  24. Become a university professor.
  25. Publish an article in a broadsheet newspaper.
  26. Strengthen my radio show. 
  27. Be happy.