My bud’s bi and has a partner. SO WHAT?

Lately I have been under fire from ultra-conservative people for sending out my love and congratulations to my best bud Gian who announced his relationship with his Dutch classmate, Angelo.

Yeah, the spelling of the name is right. Angelo, not Angela. Yeah, my best buddy’s gay, well actually bisexual. So whaaaattt?

I’ve been friends with him since 2004 and never had I felt awkward being with him. At the very start of our friendship he already laid it down for me. He’s bisexual. I said I’m cool with that, as long as he remains true to himself and to our friendship, he’ll always be a friend.

And remain a friend he did. He was there during my ups and my downs. We laughed together. We cried together. We went crazy together. We shared secrets, food, even illnesses (madalas kaming magkahawaan).

So now he’s facing a new chapter in his life – settling down with someone who he loves and loves him very much. And even though he’s already got a partner, and he’s miles away from me, he will remain my best bud, my bruh.

So to all those who’s putting him down just because he’s bi, you’ll have to answer to me first.

I love you bruh. 


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