When the risks you’ve taken are starting to payoff

Whew! Almost the end of a really busy October. Yep, I’ve been busy that’s why I wasn’t able to tend to my blog for the past month. But despite the hectic schedule, a lot of things have been going great.

Last September I was walking along campus looking for lunch. My first plan was to buy some sushi from Makimono, but the queue was so long and I was already very hungry I decided to ditch sushi. I walked further to Iliot Cafe and bought a burger meal. After purchasing my meal, outside the cafe was a booth for AIESEC-Victoria. I’ve heard about AIESEC before and what it does, but not in real detail. Curious, I approached the booth and asked the guys about their projects, programmes, and other what-have-you. So the guys at the booth talked to me about Global Talent and Global Citizen, the organisation’s exchange programmes, the former being a paid internship teaching English and/or marketing and the latter, volunteer work. Then the guys at the booth invited me to their information evening so I could learn more about the organisation and their programmes.

So I went to the information evening and learned more about AIESEC. So I thought, why not give the exchange a shot. After all, if AIESEC accepts exchange participants below 30 years of age, I still have three more years to give. So I signed up for a potential interview and waited. Finally, they scheduled an interview on the 4th of October, and I was kinda surprised that I breezed through it. Sam, one of the members of the interview panel, did comment that I was a ‘perfect candidate’.

So yeah, I took chances in joining the programmes of AIESEC. And because of that, my lifelong dream of going to Europe will be coming true soon.

Life is fun when you take chances.

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