The end of the road? NOT!

A year ago, I embarked on a journey that only a few people dare trod – postgraduate life.

At first, I just wanted to get a skills certificate to increase my employability here in New Zealand. But the world has something else in store for me. Aside from Wellington Institute of Technology and Whitireia Polytechnic, I also applied for postgraduate studies at Victoria University of Wellington. Lo and behold, Vic was the first one to respond to my application – and it is a positive response! It’s as if the world was telling me that I’m now ready to take my knowledge a step further and actually start understanding the reality of the world I was living in.

Now that one year has passed, and that entire year flew by so fast. I felt that I was just getting into the thick of things when all of a sudden, boom! I’m graduating with a postgraduate diploma degree in development studies. It isn’t yet the Masters degree I was hoping for but it’s still a step forward from the bachelor’s degree I obtained back home.

But more than the degree, it was the stuff outside the degree that actually opened up my horizons. I met friends from all over the world, went to several meetings, seminars, and similar get-togethers, and currently looking forward to a possible life-changing internship/cultural exchange to Europe. It all happened at Victoria.

I might be saying goodbye now, but that goodbye is not permanent. I am making a promise I’m sure to keep – I will be back!

Is it the end of the road already? I reckon NOT.

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