Why I am learning languages

People keep on asking me why I am knocking myself down trying to learn (currently) five languages. My answer has always been simple: languages keep my brain working, and I see it as my gateway to understanding different cultures.
Currently I’m learning Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Dutch. I have to admit it isn’t easy learning five languages by yourself simultaneously (without the assistance of any teacher whatsoever) and then try to apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations. Good thing I have friends who are native speakers of the above-mentioned languages who are ready to help me in any case, correct my pronunciation and grammar, and let me improve my vocabulary.

Learning languages may be difficult, but it’s fun! It helps me get an insight into the daily lives of people who live in the countries that speak the language that I’m learning. And as I embark on an exciting new adventure in barely a month’s time, I am hoping that the languages I am learning would allow me to survive even a minimalist conversation with the native speakers of that language.

And who knows, I might be able to speak more languages than Jose Rizal. 🙂

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