Back to blogging

I’m back! Yes, finally after three months of absence, I’ll start working on new posts for my blog.

Apologies if I haven’t posted anything since June; I was away on an overseas exchange experience in Poland – so far the most amazing experience of my life; however I had limited to no internet access hence this blog has been sleeping for the past three months. I’ll detail my experiences in Europe in the next few posts.

But yeah, that OE experience is definitely a life-changing one. Met so many new people, saw so many places, experienced a lot of things, tasted a lot of food… Obviously I wanna do it again, and I hope it will be soon. But for now, I’ll just share all my experiences in the coming weeks.

I’ve missed posting here and I am definitely excited to share all my experiences with you. But bye for now, see you all in the next post!