Dank je wel 2015, Salut 2016!

2015 will go down as one of the best years of my life (to date). I can’t believe that for the past 12 months I was able to go places, obtain another degree, meet new people, and acquire new skills.

Probably the icing on the cake for me was being able to travel to Europe – something which I have been dreaming of since I was a kid. There’s something about that continent which always drew me to it, and now that I’ve visited a part of it already, I understand why. It’s not really the destination that mattered but the people I meet along the way and the cultures I have been able to immerse myself into. And thanks to that, 2015 helped me become more of a traveler, a global citizen.

If there’s one big lesson I learned in 2015 it is this. It pays to understand the world from a different perspective. The traveling year that it was, 2015 has taught me to appreciate the world I live in before it is too late.

So bring it on 2016, surprise me! Take me wherever I have to be.